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Watermelon print swaddle

Watermelon print swaddle

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Den perfekte barsel eller nyfødt gave ! Supermyke swaddle pledd i deilig bambus og bomull. Perfekt for å swaddle inn nyfødte for at de skal føle seg trygge og sove bedre. Etter hvert også blitt større barn sin unnværlige favoritt koseklut ! Kombinasjonen av bambus og bomull gjør swaddle pleddet supermykt og slite sterkt.

Materiale: 70 % Bamboo & 30 % Cotton 

Size: 120 x 120 cm 



Super soft swaddle blankets that are a nice addition to your nursery.The swaddles are made out of rayon from bamboo fiber and cotton.The combination of fabrics makes the swaddles supersoft and durable.

Perfect for baby's delicate skin !


Soft and comfortable 2 layers swaddle blanket in 70% bamboo and 30%cotton.

Kenza swaddle blanket keeps the baby cool on hot summer days and warm in colder climates. The swaddle blanket is a must for newborns and it often becomes both the parents and babyes favourite blanket and snuggle blankie Bamboo absorbes water very easily and is very suitable to use for example after the evening bath. The swaddle can also be used in combination with our cashmere blankets.

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