The idea of BabyKenza started in 2013 when the founder gave birth to her little daughter Maria Kenza. Kenza means "treasure" in arabic. The idea was to create the softest baby blankets in the best textiles. It started with cashmere blankets in beautiful boxes, silk paper and a handwritten unique card for all orders. If you order online, this service will still be provided. The brand was created to give a unique feeling of excellent service and that the customer feel the old school excellent service. BabyKenza stribes to create the best, softest and most durable baby blankets. It has been and still is hard, but fun work. It has been many sleepless nights, happy customers and in all also a feature in Vogue and trip to Londons Condé Nast headquarters. We have shared some pictures from our journey below ! 

PS Take care of your treasures, you are everything to them ;) 


Anne Christine, founder and designer